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Online Construction Disbursing

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  • Our Experience

    Accurate Disbursing personnel have disbursed on commercial and residential projects in over 28 states. Our online disbursing software, Disbursa, connects all construction partners enabling everyone to be continually aware of construction progress and the exact status of bank and equity draws, payments, and line by line status of completion. Accurate...

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  • Our Process

    The construction disbursing process is utilized to make sure all bills on a construction project are paid in a timely and efficient manner and that all lien waivers and material releases for first, second, and third tier contractors are collected. (General Contractors are first tier, their sub-contractors are second tier,...

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  • Our Software

    Disbursa is a secure, proprietary, cloud-based application that helps lenders, title companies, builders and owners ensure better financial control of their construction projects. Disbursa is designed to manage the entire construction escrow process and makes everyone using it more productive. Disbursa provides title companies and lenders with increased productivity by...

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