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Our clients know best about the level of online disbursing services we offer. This is a sample of what they have to say:

Construction loan risks have escalated to unprecedented levels over the past several years.  Our policies and procedures now require all construction loans to be disbursed by a third party. We know that Accurate Disbursing has our interests in mind each and every time they create a draw and make contractor payments. They protect our borrowers and us – and their online software with inspection pictures enables us to keep our construction files up to date very easily. We believe their services to be second to none.

Jim Howard, Vice President, Pulaski Bank

Competition for construction loans is so fierce right now that when we win a construction loan we need a partner that will work with us to help take care of our clients. Accurate Disbursing will bend over backwards for us during those times when our clients need special attention. Their staff consistently works with us to keep our clients satisfied while insisting that the rules be followed.

Danny Pogue, President, Midwest BankCentre

I have been involved with commercial and residential construction lending for more than a decade.  With numerous experiences I have encountered nearly all of the challenges construction lending can bring.  The challenges include issues that can affect a lender’s title policy, including the potential for mechanic’s liens.  Over the years, I have found Accurate Disbursing to be a great resource of knowledge and service and to be of great value in helping to avert the construction lending difficulties related to these issues.  Additionally, they have demonstrated a willingness to go beyond the normal call of duty.  One great example occurred where Accurate coordinated a meeting between me as the lender, the borrower and contractor and was the driving force behind a successful resolution to a dispute between the contractor and borrower.  They have also served as an excellent source of character references over the years and have always been easily accessible to answer even the toughest questions that arise.  Great service, great knowledge, friendly and responsive employees along with all of the reasons above are why I choose Accurate Disbursing and would refer them to others.

Mark A. Greenley, Senior Vice President, Commercial Lending, Pulaski Bank

Our firm has had a long and successful relationship with Accurate Disbursing , completing five jobs in the most recent years.

Their staff understands the importance of expediting payments to the general contractor in order to keep the construction process moving. They work in a proactive manner to avoid holdups, particularly over minor issues, while being vigilant with the owner's money. They are responsive to questions and issues that arise and their staff is friendly and pleasant to work with. We look forward to  continuing our great relationship with Accurate Disbursing.

Michael J. Perry, President, HBD Construction Inc.