Why construction disbursing?

Nearly everyone familiar with construction can tell the story of a construction project gone bad – all funds disbursed on an unfinished lot or multiple liens filed on a property with a bankrupt general contractor. The housing bubble that began in the mid 2000’s has shown that consistent vigilance is required to ensure that funds created for a construction project go directly to that project – and that all subs and suppliers have their payments met in a timely and efficient manner with the proper waiver documents collected. The Accurate Disbursing process makes certain that loan to value is consistently maintained – and that through the use of our browser based online disbursing system all partners to the construction process have a transparent look at the entire construction payment process 24/7.

  • Our Process

    The construction disbursing process is utilized to make sure all bills on a construction project are paid in a timely and efficient manner and that all lien waivers and material releases for first, second, and third tier contractors are collected....

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  • Online Inspection Reports and Pictures

    Accurate Disbursing inspects each and every project upon which it disburses. For each inspection an inspection report is updated with completion percentages by inspected line item. The inspection report is supplemented by our dated digital inspection pictures. Both our reports...

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  • Our Disbursa Software

    Disbursa is a secure, proprietary, cloud-based application that helps lenders, title companies, builders and owners ensure better financial control of their construction projects. Disbursa is designed to manage the entire construction escrow process and makes everyone using it more productive....

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  • Construction Disbursing for Government Entities

    Accurate Disbursing has worked with HUD on numerous construction projects. Accurate Disbursing holds the escrow funds provided by the governmental entity, in this case HUD, in specialized bank accounts, while overseeing inspections of completed construction and repair work on multifamily...

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  • Construction Disbursing for Churches

    Accurate Disbursing has disbursed construction funds for renovations and new building construction for churches in 10 states. The construction of a church is unlike any other type of commercial building project. The issues congregations face are typically driven by their...

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  • The Key to a Successful Disbursing Project

    Communication is the ultimate key to a successful construction disbursing project. Your information about your project should always be available and should include real time data and the information below: Complete construction budget by line item Construction loan balances Equity funds balances Line...

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