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Construction Disbursing for Government Entities

Accurate Disbursing has worked with HUD on numerous construction projects. Accurate Disbursing holds the escrow funds provided by the governmental entity, in this case HUD, in specialized bank accounts, while overseeing inspections of completed construction and repair work on multifamily properties, disbursing project escrow funds, and collecting appropriate lien waivers from contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers of any tier. As the governmental entity’s fiduciary, Accurate Disbursing enters into disbursing agreements with general contractors. Accurate Disbursing’s responsibilities are to assure all terms and conditions of these disbursing agreements are met as well as to manage and direct the physical inspections and to confirm the completed work has been accomplished in compliance with all agreement provisions. Accurate Disbursing maintains internal fiscal controls to ensure all deposited funds are fully protected - including safeguards against business failures by the depositories.

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