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Construction Disbursing for Churches

Accurate Disbursing has disbursed construction funds for renovations and new building construction for churches in 10 states.

The construction of a church is unlike any other type of commercial building project. The issues congregations face are typically driven by their own "can do" attitude – nearly always an admirable quality - but one that can lead to expensive lessons about mechanic liens for third tier contractors and suppliers.

Issues of concern are typically:

  • The skill set of those tasked with the budgeting, bidding processes, contractor selection, project management, change order processes, etc. is simply not as complete as those who do it for a living in the commercial world. It always costs more to have inexperienced people manage extremely complex construction projects.
  • The trusting nature of a congregation often leads to a well-intentioned but often poor choice of a contractors and vendors.
  • The size of a congregation and its large member network often leads to the selection of "friends of friends" or congregation members rather than more experienced and better managed general contractors.
  • The "we can do it ourselves" mentality - an admirable hallmark of most churches - leads to selections and choices that a more seasoned commercial developer might never consider.

While we at Accurate Disbursing have substantial experience in the church construction field - the first source of good information about best practices in the church construction industry should be your lender. If your lender does not have significant experience with the church building process - please contact us - we will put you in touch with those who do.

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